Stadt Wuppertal Ressort Zuwanderung und Integration
Ressort Zuwanderung und Integration
Kommunales Integrationszentrum Wuppertal
Kommunales Integrationszentrum Wuppertal


("machine translated") East/West Integration Centre e.V by Ost/West Integrationszentrum e.V at Wuppertal Oberbarmen

("machine translated") 

"Quartier der Förderung: School and Linguistic Charitable Support" is a funding project that includes a German course for women, including childcare,  and a homework help for children and young people with a migrant background. The German course for women with children offers women the opportunity to attend  a language course in which the children are looked after in a side room. The care of the children is carried out by two carers. The care opportunity allows women to concentrate on teaching with all their efforts. It all starts with language, so it is existential for us that women who are concerned about the education of their children and thus also focus on the development of a new generation are given the opportunity to learn the language of their new homeland. All women with children, the acquisition of the German language plays an essential role. Linguistic skills are, in fact, a prerequisite for the day-to-day treatment of children. We want to help these very women integrate into German culture by first learning the German language. Ultimately, what we have learned can be conveyed to the children, and so together we contribute to the education of the next generation.  

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