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WupPortal - What is it?

WupPortal (www.wupportal.org) – An offer portal for integration and encounter in Wuppertal

The WupPortal is aimed at people who are new to Wuppertal on the one hand and all interested people who want to find out more about integration offers. At the same time, offers (for example by volunteers, initiatives, organizations, associations, etc.) can also be discontinued city-wide. The WupPortal is free of charge and helps to find integration offers in Wuppertal quickly and easily.

The WupPortal is easy to use. Because setting offers is straightforward. At the same time, the WupPortal provides a good overview of the city's integration offerings. 

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The WupPortal is a project of the city of Wuppertal Department immigration and integration in cooperation with code closing GbR. Contact person around the WupPortal is Mr. Civak.

Contact:      Mr     Gökhan Civak

Email:                               wupportal@stadt.wuppertal.de