Registrierung Topic

How do I register on the Wupportal? Step-by-step instructions

With this guide, you can easily put your offers in the WupPortal!


step 1: You go to the home page with a suitable browser (e.g. Chrome or Firefox): (https://www.wupportal.org">https://www.wupportal.org). The Internet Explorer is not optimal for this.

Step 2: You register there (click Sign in at the bottom right), then click on Register)

Step 3: The password should contain at least one uppercase letter and a number.

Step 4: The WupPortal team checks your registration and unlocks it. 

Step 5: After unlocking it, you can clean up the project with all the details.

Step 6: Finished: The offer can now be found at http://www.wupportal.org">www.wupportal.org .


If you have any questions or problems, please contact: