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Neighbourhood Help: Purchases

Neighbourhood Help for Purchases

Volunteering Realschule Boltenheide
Neighbourhood assistance of all kinds

services: Neighbourhood assistance of all kinds, purchases, drug purchases, gassi go, brokerage for repairs

accessibility: Mon.- Fri., 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Tel.: 0175 1580772

Volunteering Ronsdorfer helfen Ronsdorfern
Neighbourhood assistance:purchases (Bornscheuerhaus and surroundings), necessary errands for the risk group

services: purchases (Bornscheuerhaus and surroundings), necessary errands for the risk group

Accessibility: 0202 974000, 0157 75006317, "a href":"mailto:bhipp%E2%9A%B9diakonie-wuppertal%E2%97%A6de">bhipp@diakonie-wuppertal.de

Volunteering Diakonische Altenhilfe Wuppertal
Lecture on Cultural Integration in Germany.

Lecture on Cultural Integration in Germany.

Volunteering Tisaghnas e.V.
Neighbourhood assistance for shopping

The Nordstadt neighbourhood service offers the following services as part of the Neighbourhood Assistance: Shopping

Volunteering Stadtteilservice Nordstadt
Neighbourhood Help: Shopping: Gassi go with dogs and much more.

In the framework of the Neighbourhood Assistance we offer:

services: Shopping, Going with dogs, collecting donations (one-time gloves, Disinfectant, mouthguard, full-body protective suits (painter's overall), toilet paper, household rolls), mediation for repairs and general contacts

Accessibility: 01708491139 or mail to "a href":"mailto:info%E2%9A%B9bv-kuellenhahn%E2%97%A6de">info@info@kuellenhahn@

Volunteering Bürgerverein Küllenhahn
Food for the needy

Food for the Needy


Services: Free prepackaged food bags are distributed to those in need.

accessibility: edition in the table shop (Kleiner Werth 50): Mon.: 2-4 p.m., Wed. + Fri.: 12-2 p.m.

canteen for people with disabilities: Tue. + Thu.: 10 a.m.-12 p.m

Volunteering Wuppertaler Tafel
Funding programme "Together in the Quarter"

Funding is being given to projects and measures in the field of integration and coexistence, especially in neighbourhoods and neighbourhoods with an increasing proportion of the migrant population. In addition to offers for new immigrants, special projects are supported that focus on cross-generational encounters and joint (educational) activities of residents regardless of their origin in and for the respective districts.

The aim is to enable the participation and civic participation of immigrants and socially excluded groups and to promote empowerment.

The project is being implemented in close cooperation between the Youth Office and the Department of Immigration and Integration.



people of all generations and backgrounds



Application is possible at any time. Events and measures run all year round.






House of Integration, Friedrich-Engels-Allee 28, 42103 Wuppertal


Cooperation Partners: 

Associations, Free Carriers, Refugee Initiatives, Municipal Departments, Job Centres



Sebastian Woldorf, Tel: 0202 563-4713, a href="mailto:sebastian.goecke@stadt.


woldorf@stadt com Youth Office), Tel: 0202 563-2269, 

.a href="mailto:ulrich.fischer@stadt.wuppertal.de">ulrich.fischer@stadt.wuppertal.de

Volunteering Kommunales Integrationszentrum (KI) Wuppertal
Reading and discussion: Paradoxes of participation with Aladin El-Maafalani on 19.02.20 at 19:00 in the House of Integration

Aladin El-Mafaalani speaks on the topics "myth integration" and "myth education". Aladin El-Mafaalani is Professor of Educational Sciences and Chair of Educational Sciences and Education in the Migration Society at the University of Osnabrück.

  • At 6:00 p.m., a guided tour of the House of Integration will take place for those interested
  • Start of the event: 19:0
  • 0
  • event: House of Integration, Friedrich-Engels-Allee 28, 42103 Wuppertal

Admission is free.

The reading is organized in cooperation with the Jobcenter Wuppertal.

You can view the flyer for the event at the following link: "a href="https://www.wuppertal.de/microsite/integrationportal/aktuell/lesung-mit-herrn-el-mafaalani-im-haus-der-integration.php">Click here!

Volunteering Kommunales Integrationszentrum (KI) Wuppertal
Neighbourhood Assistance: Purchases/MessengerS

As part of the Neighbourhood Assistance, we offer the following services:

Services: Purchases/

accessibility: Monday to Friday 08:30 - 13.00 Tel. 0202 9806 388 ( Barmen/ Ronsdorf)

Volunteering Stadtteilservice Barmen/ Ronsdorf Wichernhaus gGmbH