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Critique of Racism in Society and School - Lecture and Panel Discussion with Prof. Dr. Karim Fereidooni

As part of the International Weeks Against Racism, the Municipal Integration Center Wuppertal is organizing a lecture on March 24, followed by a panel discussion with Prof. Dr. Karim Fereidooni.

Equal opportunities and equal treatment are important issues in a diverse society. Citizens who feel accepted and have access to all resources can contribute their skills and help shape society. 
Discrimination based on origin, skin colour or religion has a lasting negative effect on people. Exclusion in education, unequal treatment on the labour or housing market, hostility on the street demonstrably make you ill. 
But why is this still the case? 
How can structures be changed to do justice to all people?

In his lecture "Racism in Society and School", Prof. Dr. Karim Fereidooni will address the topic of racism and its effects. "Racism can be unlearned with the help of books, lectures and workshops. For this, however, the openness is necessary to see racism and to want to face it critically," says Fereidooni. The focus is on the question: Why is it still so difficult to talk about racism (experiences)?

The lecture will be followed by a panel discussion with Prof. Karim Fereidooni, Elif Aybirdi-Tarhan - Municipal Integration Centre of the City of Remscheid - and Nkozi Muyisa Muhindo - Kookaburra gGmbH. In addition, there will be the opportunity to participate in the conversation with questions and opinions.

There will be room for discussions from 4.00 p.m., the event starts at 4.30 p.m.


Further information can be obtained from Ms. Suzan Öcal (Commissioner against racist, anti-Semitic and Islamophobic discrimination, Department for Immigration and Integration) or from Ms. Bettina-Désirée Jahn (Municipal Integration Center).

24.03.2023, 16:00 Antidiscrimination Stadt Wuppertal
Birgit Hölker-Schüttler, Boryslawa Avtsen

The co-founder of the initiative Decolonize Wuppertal, as well as co-editor of the book "Was uns empowert - Geschichten von FLINTA of Color", Meieli Borowsky-Islam, visits us at YourWay!

She reports on her experiences on empowerment and volunteering. Together we explore the question of what makes us strong!

Antidiscrimination Y♀ur Way! Projekt von alpha e.V.
Y♀your way! finds the role of women!

Role models, emancipation and equality

Which hats do I wear in everyday life? What are my tasks? What demands do I have to meet? Are there alternatives? We think about answers to these questions together.




We meet:


On Friday, November 11, from 2 to 4 pm, at alpha, e.V. in Heinz-Kluncker-Str. 4,  


- 4th floor in the SchwuPsraum

  • Registrations, also for childcare under: Registrations also for childcare under: yourway@alphaev.de or under 0157 53 30 7609 via WhatsApp.
Antidiscrimination Y♀ur Way! Projekt von alpha e.V.