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Consulting Office

Support in applications and advice on regulatory matters

Guidance Weisse Herzen Wuppertal
Advice for newly immigrated children and young people on school integration

In NRW, compulsory education applies to all children and adolescents between the ages of six and eighteen. 

The aim of the newcomer's advice is to provide timely, qualified and age-appropriate training, which is based on the potential of children, young people and young adults. After the appointment, a detailed discussion will take place with parents/guardians/caregivers and the school-age child or adolescent. If necessary, an interpreter  can be arranged.

On the basis of this advice, the School Board for the City of Wuppertal provides the children and young people in Wuppertal schools with international language support groups/classes. The Wuppertal Municipal Integration Centre accompanies the receiving schools by advising teachers on language support/education as well as on other issues that arise.



newly immigrant children and adolescents and their guardians







by agreement



Municipal Integration Center, Friedrich-Engels-Allee 28, 42103 Wuppertal



Julia Ferrer-Vilchez, Tel. 0202 563-4730, a href="mailto:julia.ferrervilchez@stadt.wuppertal.de">julia.ferrervilchez "stadt.wuppertal.de

Alexandra Hillenbrand,Tel. 0202 563-2098, "a href="mailto:alexandra.hillenbrand@stadt.hillenbrand@stadt.wuppertal.de">alexandra.hillenbrand@stadt.wuppertal.de

Bettina-Désirée Jahn, Tel. 0202 563-4233, "mailto:bettina-desiree.jahn@stadt.wuppertal.de">bettina-desiree.jahn@stadt.wuppertal.de

Marianne Kolb, Tel. 0202 563-4668, "a href="mailto:marianne.kolb@stadt.wuppertal.de">marianne.kolb@stadt.

Tel. 0202 563-4462, a href="mailto:catja.mesenhoeller@stadt.wuppertal.de">catja.mesenhoeller@stadt.wuppertal.de 

Siegmar Schnabel, Tel. 0202 563-2097, a href="mailto:siegmar.schnabel@stadt.wuppertal.de">siegmar.schnabel@stadt.wuppertal.de

Öznur Tuna, Tel. 0202 563-7353, "a href="mailto:oeznur.tuna@stadt..wuppertal.de">oeznur.tuna@stadt.tuna@stadt.

Guidance Kommunales Integrationszentrum (KI) Wuppertal
AWO regional refugee counseling

asylum procedure

Residence status

social law

Family reunification



Recognition of documents

Personal conflicts

Guidance AWO Kreisverband Wuppertal e.V.
Volunteer Coordination Heckinghausen

With the support of the city of Wuppertal, GESA has launched the "Heckinghausen Volunteer Coordination" to promote and coordinate voluntary engagements. In the future, a coordinating force will serve as an interface between volunteers, interested citizens and other network and cooperation partners in the Heckinghausen district.

The goal of volunteering coordination is, among other things, to create a good framework for volunteering and to promote social coexistence.


Together with volunteers, creative minds and other neighbourhood actors, networked offers are created and work is done to improve the quality of life in the district. The focus is on establishing good information channels and networking between those responsible for the main and voluntary service.


  • volunteers and people who want to get involved
  • Quartiers-Actors
  • organisations and initiatives
  • organisations and sponsors


  • ideas and projects are coordinated and implemented together with active volunteers
  • The project is a central point of contact for volunteers, who are already engaged
  • It is offered support to find a suitable commitment that suits one's own interests and capacities
  • attractment of volunteers
  • promotion and qualification of volunteers
  • networking and cooperation with the actors
  • increase in the perception and use of the offers in the district
  • social space and district development
Guidance GESA gGmbH
Lotzen Consulting

We offer you social counselling.

  • You're looking for help filling out applications?
  • You need someone to accompany you to authorities?
  • You need advice in a difficult life situation?
  • You need someone to give them the right job?

Then they come to heinrich-Böll-Straße 240.
We are there for them Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 12:00.

Guidance SkF e.V. Bergisch Land Gemeinwesenarbeit
Accompaniment of refugee women/couples (Arabic)

Ms. Al Ali accompanies Arabic-speaking women and couples to doctor's or hospital appointments, fertility centers, practices for prenatal diagnosis, the youth welfare office or the family midwife.

Guidance donum vitae Wuppertal e.V.
Migration advice

The migration advisory service of Tisaghnas e.V. is aimed at adult immigrants.

They often have little or no knowledge that are necessary for integration into German society and everyday life.

In many cases, not only language skills are lacking, but also knowledge about opportunities to start work, to participate in social life and to have competences in dealing with culture and customs in Germany.

The Tisaghnas e.V. Migration Advisory Service is aimed at refugees and recognised new immigrants as well as migrants who have been living in Germany for a long time.

The aim is to provide impetus for the leadership of a self-determined life and to promote mutual integration, so that the mutual acceptance of locals and immigrants increases.

Guidance Tisaghnas e.V.
Writing cv and applications

Every Tuesday morning there is a guide that helps people with writing job applications and a cv. He explains what kind of documents are needed in order to apply for a job.

Guidance Aktion Neue Nachbarn
Refugee counselling

The counselling centre offers professional support to asylum seekers, persons entitled to asylum, convention refugees, de facto refugees and people without a residence permit. In addition to legal advice, the focus is on supporting traumatised refugees in coming to terms with their experiences and integrating them into society.

Guidance Diakonie Wuppertal - Soziale Teilhabe GmbH
German course, tutoring and online program

Our online programs

For 30 years, our association has been working in the fields of cultural and integration work and

organizes several events annually in cooperation with the city of Wuppertal on

current social topics. In addition, we offer German

tutoring and German courses three days a week, as well as integration assistance (housing search, job search, doctor and

authority or communication with authorities).

Even in the age of Corona, we continued this work online and by phone. In

compliance with the distance and hygiene rules, we have been offering

presence events for up to 10 participants since June 2020.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have also offered our topics as online presentations. As usual

music and poetry will continue to be used. The artists we work with

are currently threatened by the Corona crisis, and we

try to help them with our work.

Among others, works by the poets Anette Nadas and Kawis Kawan as well as music and

texts by Micki Neher, Markus Schilling and Ezzat Vaezzi will be performed. Since March, we have realized the

events "Climate and Cultures", "Our brain is what it eats" and "The human right on


We also showed the movie "The Life of the Enemy" and the video clip "I Know" on

German and Farsi online. These are also available on Vimeo under the channel "Kamal Koshan"

. For more information about our upcoming events, I'll send you a leaflet.

"Earth Destroyers": https://www.arte.tv/de/videos/073938-000-A/die-erdzerstoerer

"Our Brain is What It Eats": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aR2dmtuFNVo

"Global Water Deficiency": https://youtu.be/FPtLGVy4r0M

"With Open Cards - The War on Water": https://youtu.be/EyYSoxmDY-Q

Guidance Pegah Wuppertal e.V.