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Education and Language Herz und Hand
Communication training

Many people who attend or have attended a language course lack the opportunity to use the language in practice and practice everyday communication.

Communication training is intended to provide an opportunity to deepen the language skills already acquired and to exchange views on selected topics under guidance.

The offer can be used independently of other requirements. It takes place once a week in the morning for 3 lessons and is carried out by an experienced lecturer. In order to enable parents with young children to participate without childcare, there will be an employment offer for the children in the adjoining room.

Education and Language Initiative Miteinander in Ronsdorf
Education and Language Flüchtlingshilfe West Education and Language Flüchtlingshilfe West
Low-threshold language course for beginners with children's accompaniment

The offer is aimed at refugees who want to attend a low-threshold language course on level A1 and live in the district of Ronsdorf, Im Rehsiepen. The offer is preferably valid for women with young children who are not yet in regular care and therefore cannot take advantage of the standard offer of language courses. The language course takes place twice a week in the morning for 3 lessons each and is conducted by an experienced lecturer. At the same time, there will be an offer for the children in the adjoining room, so that they also have a job.

Education and Language Initiative Miteinander in Ronsdorf
East/West Integration Centre e.V

"Quartier der Förderung: School and Linguistic Charitable Support" is a funding project that includes a German course for women, including childcare,  and a homework help for children and young people with a migrant background. The German course for women with children offers women the opportunity to attend  a language course in which the children are looked after in a side room. The care of the children is carried out by two carers. The care opportunity allows women to concentrate on teaching with all their efforts. It all starts with language, so it is existential for us that women who are concerned about the education of their children and thus also focus on the development of a new generation are given the opportunity to learn the language of their new homeland. All women with children, the acquisition of the German language plays an essential role. Linguistic skills are, in fact, a prerequisite for the day-to-day treatment of children. We want to help these very women integrate into German culture by first learning the German language. Ultimately, what we have learned can be conveyed to the children, and so together we contribute to the education of the next generation.  

Education and Language Ost/West Integrationszentrum e.V
Language holidays - for newly immigrated children and young people

In the summer holidays, the three-week language holiday programme "New Home - New Language" is offered to up to 200 newly immigrant students aged 6 to 15. In small groups, the new home of Wuppertal is explored and the German language is easily learned or deepened. With music and movement offers as well as many other exciting activities and excursions  the children can live out their creativity. In addition to handicraft activities, such as the creation of glass mosaics, visits to various district libraries and children's and youth centres as well as excursions, among others to the station nature and environment and to the climbing garden, are on the program.

Interested parents have the opportunity to inform themselves about the everyday holiday life of their children and to exchange ideas. Once a week, parents can meet to discuss important topics related to everyday life in their new home.

The aim is to enable the children and parents to work intensively with Wuppertal and to get used to their new homeland.

The groups are accompanied and supervised by two teacher training students each.

Before the start of the summer holidays, schools with international language classes/groups will receive information flyers with registration forms. Registrations are of course also possible at the Municipal Integration Centre.



newly immigrated students aged 6-15



06/20 -07/17/20




Education and Language Kommunales Integrationszentrum (KI) Wuppertal
Language school for migrants and refugees in the dyeing industry

The language course provides the first contact with the German language. The course takes place every month from 14:00 to 15:

Please register in advance (email, phone or in person on Mondays).

Education and Language Refugio e.V.Selbshilfe häusliche Gewalt
Tutoring / homework help

Every Monday and Wednesday (not during holidays) students of all classes and levels are welcome to come to the Sternpunkt Wohnzimmer for tutoring and help with their homework. We support individually and especially with regards to language and special needs of students from migrant backgrounds.

Please bring a face mask.

Education and Language Kinder-Tisch Vohwinkel e.V.
Learning support

We support children and young people in individual lessons and groups of two.

  • learning support (individual funding and small groups)
  • reading sponsors

The learning support takes place in the SfF rooms of Heinrich-Böll-Str. 240.
Lessons can be, by appointment, Monday to Friday between 12:00 and 18:00.

Our staff is available between 09:000 and 13:00.


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We would be happy to get in touch. 

Education and Language SkF e.V. Bergisch Land Gemeinwesenarbeit