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Consulting Café Here & Da

The consulting café Hier & Da is a meeting place for all citizens in Heckinghausen and beyond. Breakfast, a daily changing lunch table and coffee and cakes. The culinary offer is complemented by space for advice, volunteer work, playing, learning, crafting or just for nice conversations. The café's unemployment advice is also an open and voluntary offer when dealing with issues with public authorities. Here, unemployed people or people at risk of unemployment find professional support with guaranteed anonymity. The meals of the café are prepared by long-term unemployed people who gain experience in the field of gastronomy in the kitchen and service.

Meet and Socialise GESA gGmbH
White heart actions in the encounter Café FlüHi North City

1 x monthly cooking range and depending on the agreement, we offer a creative offer at least 1 x month seasonal actions to take and is getting to know on Wednesdays 5-8 pm in the encounter Café of refugee help northern city on. Information about the respective offer see FB page from Wuppertal white heart or just Wednesdays spontaneously coming! :-)

Meet and Socialise Weisse Herzen Wuppertal
Senior Group

A group of Arabic-speaking seniors who seek contact with their peers from Germany and other cultures and jointly undertake leisure activities and exchange ideas.

Meet and Socialise Initiative Syrien von Morgen
Café and advice

Every Tuesday from 15:00 to 17:00, a Café and childcare held to neighbors and new zugewanderte people welcome in our community areas are invited. During the summer holidays, from Tuesday, the 17.07 until Tuesday, the 21.08.18, we can offer unfortunately no child care.

07.02.2023, 15:00 Meet and Socialise Evangelisch-methodistische Kirche Barmen
Creative offer for parents and children the creative offer .p style="text-align:justify;"> "p style="text-align:justify;">The "Home in Oberbarmen" contact point should be open to all people and also be a meeting place in addition to advising new immigrants from the EU. All those who like to create crafts, crafts and design are therefore welcome to create new things in an open and colourful atmosphere. The meeting is especially a great opportunity to meet new people, to exchange ideas in a casual atmosphere and to have fun. The creative offer, especially for mothers and children, takes place 14-days. -style="text-align:justify;">nbsp;-style="text-align:justify;">Target group: -p style="text-align:justify;">all  p style="text-align:justify;"> -p style="text-align:justify;">Date: -p style="text-align:justify;">14-day ly Fridays, 10-1p="text-align:justify;"> -style="text-align:justify;">Place:  .p style="text-align:justify;">Home in Oberbarmen, Berlinerstr.165, 42277 Wuppertal's style="text-align:justify;"> -style="text-align:justify;">Referent: -style="text-align:justify;">Selma Jasarovski-p style="text-align:justify;"> -style="text-align:justify;">Cost:-style="text-align:justify;">free"p style="text-align:justify;">">nbsp;"p style="text-align:justify;">Cooperation Partner:  .p style="text-align:justify;">SKJ. e.V,Social Therapeutic Children's and Youth Work e.V.
Meet and Socialise Zuhause in Oberbarmen

Sternpunkt is a supervised playground. It opens every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 3-6 pm. A safe place to play and meet new people. All children and families are welcome!

Meet and Socialise Kinder-Tisch Vohwinkel e.V.
Meeting Café on Wednesday

Every Wednesday we offer official advice and conversation in the cafe of the Old Fire Station

Meet and Socialise Flüchtlingshilfe-Nordstadt
Women's meeting

"Women's Meeting"

Saturday, 26.09.2020 16:00, women will meet for exchange and getting to know each other, and will give a refrentin a lecture on a topic suitable for everyday use

Meet and Socialise Tisaghnas e.V.
Y♀your way! paints shadow faces!

Creative offer: You and your shadow!

With this offer, participants are cordially invited to get creative and get to know themselves and their shadows better while painting. It can be colorful, patterned, running, black and white or soft. Only the owner of the shadow decides what form it should take! 

In a protected and cozy atmosphere we allow ourselves to take a moment for ourselves and get creative! So that nobody has to get annoyed afterwards, it is advisable to put on clothes that can also get a dollop of color. Protective clothing is also available on site.




 We meet:


On Wednesday, November 23, from 2 to 4 p.m., at alpha, e.V. in Heinz-Kluncker-Str. 4,  


- 4th floor in the SchwuPsraum


  • Registrations, also for childcare under: Registrations also for childcare under: yourway@alphaev.de or under 0157 53 30 7609 via WhatsApp.
Meet and Socialise Y♀ur Way! Projekt von alpha e.V.
Escape and their causes

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the tightening up of the right of asylum in the Federal Republic of Germany (6.1.1987) we invite from different sources to an evening of conversation with Exchange on experiences of refugees, with their own poetry and free music

Meet and Socialise Pegah Wuppertal e.V.