Stadt Wuppertal Ressort Zuwanderung und Integration
Ressort Zuwanderung und Integration
Kommunales Integrationszentrum Wuppertal
Kommunales Integrationszentrum Wuppertal


OGGS Germanenstraße at Wuppertal Oberbarmen

Welcome to the primary school Germanenstraße!

Our school is located right in the heart of Wichlinghausen on the Nordbahn line. The old building from the beginning of the 20th century and the beautiful trees on the school yard direct the view from the route directly to our grounds.

You can find out what we have to discover and how we work on this homepage. But first of all, the most important key data:

Our school is three-speed with a total of 12 classes. More than 300 children, teachers and professionals learn, teach, laugh and work with us.

We are a school of joint learning (GL). We are as colourful as candies in the bag. In order to ensure that all children can learn and play together, two special educators, a graduate pedagogue, a school social worker and several inclusion specialists support us.

With us, the lessons start at 8.10a h. From 7.45am, however, the children are welcome to come to class. Then they have time to have breakfast, play, paint, talk and arrive. This is our "come time". It is exclusively for the children. Parents say goodbye to their children BEFORE the school entrance.

We are a reliable primary school. This means that lessons are guaranteed daily from 8.10am to 11.40am, unless school-free.

At our school there is an open all-day care (OGS/ OGATA) until 16h. Unfortunately, the places are very limited, so there is usually a waiting list for new registrations.

We also offer numerous projects, actions, events and weekly working groups!

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