Stadt Wuppertal Ressort Zuwanderung und Integration
Ressort Zuwanderung und Integration
Kommunales Integrationszentrum Wuppertal
Kommunales Integrationszentrum Wuppertal


Initiative Miteinander in Ronsdorf at Wuppertal Ronsdorf

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The initiative Together in Ronsdorf introduces itself: We are... ... an association of committed people who work with their communities, associations, groups or as individuals for a successful coexistence for and with the people in the district. Our story at the end of 2015 was a great willingness to help refugees in Wuppertal. Sponsorships supported the people in the first steps in Ronsdorf. Many volunteers campaigned in various places for successful integration and the initiative Welcome in Ronsdorf was founded. Due to the large number of refugee families in the rehsiepen, the activities have become more concentrated at the Rehsiepen site and new topics have been added, which do not only concern refugee families. Since the end of 2018, we, the four large Christian communities in Ronsdorf, have rented an apartment as a meeting place and meeting place in the district of Rehsiepen. The project is accompanied by various activities by many volunteers and professional employees on site, with the aim of connecting the different actors and interests in the district. Since we understand the work in the sense of community organizing and out of our Christian faith for a successful coexistence in Ronsdorf, the name Together in Ronsdorf unites us. The Christian communities in Ronsdorf and in particular the association Herz und Hand * are responsible for the structural organization of personnel, finances and donations. The city of Wuppertal supports the project by financially supporting the language courses.

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