Stadt Wuppertal Ressort Zuwanderung und Integration
Ressort Zuwanderung und Integration
Kommunales Integrationszentrum Wuppertal
Kommunales Integrationszentrum Wuppertal


Stadtteilservice Ostersbaum at Wuppertal Elberfeld

("machine translated") "the district service Ostersbaum"h2 style="margin-left:0px;">Vocational integration and qualification

You receive unemployment benefit II and are looking for a job opportunity, with varied and interesting tasks? You want "your" district, the people who live in it and support social institutions? In addition to your work, would you like to be expertly supervised and qualified? Then you've come to the right place!

The Wuppertal District Service is a project designed by various social institutions, the Wuppertal Job Centre and the city of Wuppertal. In the meantime, there are city services in 7 districts of Wuppertal. In the Neighbourhood Home Wuppertal, this is the district service Ostersbaum. You can recognize us by the blue jackets with the district service imprint.

With the support of 18 employed participants, we want to improve the quality of life in our district as well as in the Rott  district and help people in need in their daily lives. The assistance ranges from shopping services for the elderly or disabled to accompanying them to a doctor or helping with the household.

Another main focus is support  charitable organisations at events and festivals. For example, the district service helps with the light paths, the game and sports festival on the republic square, the district Christmas party for seniors and other church or school events.

A central concern of the district service is to maintain the cleanliness within the district. For this purpose, our participants pay attention to the condition of roads, meadows or children's playgrounds during their daily walks.

Since April 2013, the Neighbourhood Home has been offering a qualification measure in addition to the purely work opportunity. As a participant in the district service, you will be professionally guided and accompanied by social education.

We have aroused your interest and you have further questions? Don't be afraid to contact us!

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